How a Small Ecom Brand Went From Garage to Inc. 5,000 Fastest Growing Companies

in 5 Years

“We first started talking to Aaron when my company was very small, and not ready for a robust ad/marketing strategy. He called back once a quarter, over a two-year period, with advice, patience, and encouragement. When we were finally ready to take the plunge, there was no doubt who we wanted to work with.

We set a small monthly ad budget, and from the very beginning, Aaron was professional and enthusiastic. He met with us regularly to discuss our business goals and was genuinely excited about what we were doing and who we are as a company. Aaron also actually used our products personally and was truly invested in our mission as a company, which was very appreciated.

Business-wise, Aaron kept careful track of our numbers, always watching to see which ads were performing best, and helping us adjust things as needed.  He knows his stuff when it comes to selecting audiences, measuring ROI, and all the nitty-gritty details that help make ad campaigns successful. He was always ready to communicate to us at our monthly check-ins exactly which campaigns had performed the best, what changes he had made or would recommend, and what else we could do to make our campaigns even more successful. Over a two-year period, we increased our ad budget by more than 10x, because of the strong value it was created for our company.

Working with Aaron was easily one of the best business decisions we’ve made, and is a key reason that our company will be listed as an Inc Magazine fastest-growing company in America alumni in the near future.”

–Ben Tietje, CEO at Earthley Wellness


Who’s the client and what do they do?

Earthley Wellness – Natural Health Products & Herbal Remedies

What was the client’s goal?

The client wanted to double its yearly revenue while remaining true to its message: to help people take their health into their own hands.

What was the client’s problem/pain/barrier before 3BM?

Ben at Earthley lacked the time and knowledge to strategize, implement, and monitor their own digital marketing strategy on top of growing a new ecommerce brand.

What did the client do to try and solve the problem? What worked? What didn’t work?

The client attempted to handle marketing themselves but didn’t know where to start or how to set anything up, including proper tracking to see if their investment was making a positive return.

Overwhelmed and frustrated is how they felt about marketing.

What did 3BM do to solve the problem?

We worked with the client to create a plan around their business goals and started growing their audience through SMM, email marketing, paid ads, and SEO. 

We worked hand-in-hand to ensure controlled growth to slightly exceed their manufacturing, fulfillment, and supply chain capabilities. 

What was the client’s outcome because of 3BM?

Earthley Wellness has doubled annual revenue for the last 5 years in a row, joining the Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies, as well as their regional fastest-growing companies. 

They have been able to expand out of their garage to multiple warehouses to keep up with the growing demand for their products. 

What future goals can the client pursue because of what 3BM did (and continues to do) for the client?

Earthley has been able to branch out and start working on building its own uncensored social platform, Colleqtiv. 

They’re consistently shopping for more warehouse space to keep up with the demand for their products from their growing customer base.


Here are three takeaways from Ben at Earthley Wellness: 

  1. Hire a marketing partner sooner. We experienced sustained and substantial growth. 
  2. Partnering with Three Beacon Marketing allowed us to focus ON our brand growth. 
  3. Let the professionals work for you. Stop trying to do everything. Focus on what you’re good at or want to do. Hire out the rest.

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