Service Provider Grows to $750k+ per Month with 3-Channel Digital Marketing Strategy

“Aaron and his team at Three Beacon Marketing are that one in a million find. His marketing expertise has helped my business grow dramatically. Always on the cutting edge of strategically where and what to advertise and how to target the right clients has given me the best results in a survival-of-the-fittest-only industry. Need an expert Marketing Firm? Choose Aaron and Three Beacon. Definitely recommend.”

–Bruce Attridge, Co-Owner & Chief Marketing Officer at Furever Bookkeeping


Who’s the client and what do they do?

Furever Bookkeeping – Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

What was the client’s goal?

Increase to $750k monthly revenue.

What was the client’s problem/pain/barrier before 3BM?

The owners at Furever Bookkeeping lacked the knowledge and time to market themselves digitally, which put them behind the eight ball when trying to grow their business. 

Also, when they did try to market online, they felt like they were playing “catch up” with all the algorithm changes, platform updates, and strategy adjustments. 

What did the client do to try and solve the problem? What worked? What didn’t work?

This client tried working with a large marketing agency, but they became another number in a long list of clients. 

They did not receive the attention needed in order to grow quickly and reach their goal. 

They tried 3rd party marketing channels (Bark, Craigslist). These worked for a while, but only helped with bringing in smaller-sized clients. For them to increase monthly revenue to $750k+, they needed bigger clients not found on these smaller, less-used channels. 

What did 3BM do to solve the problem?

We consulted the client. We put together an initial marketing plan to start with and continued to work hand-in-hand with the client to open up more digital marketing channels. 

We Included a full service (SMM, SEO, Paid Ads) digital marketing strategy. We met with the client 2-3x per month while executing our strategy. And we advised on internal business operations, including lead management, sales coaching, and client fulfillment processes as a part of the long-term strategy we put together.

What was the client’s outcome because of 3BM?

Furever Bookkeeping exceeded its $750k per month target. They expanded their service offerings into consulting. And, they were able to hire additional contractors to manage their increased client book.

What future goals can the client pursue because of what 3BM did (and continues to do) for the client?

We are working with the client to increase their monthly revenue beyond $1M. They are expanding their consulting services even more. And, they are looking to bring on more contractors as their recurring client list grows.


Three takeaways from Bruce and Furever Bookkeeping:

  1. We’re experts in bookkeeping, not digital marketing. Find a team like Three Beacon Marketing sooner and hire them on. 
  2. A marketing team like Three Beacon Marketing allowed us to work ON our business, not IN it. 
  3. Once we got consistent lead flow, our business grew… and fast.

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