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Turn your email list into a community of raving fans AND a scalable business asset.

Struggling to segment, send, and sell with email?

No matter how many you send, how pretty you make them look with design, or how many times you ask for feedback… Most marketing emails fall flat, don’t get opened, and don’t make sales. 

Big agencies blame it on the economy and freelancers flounder as they get paid to learn on your dime. That fancy email software feature that just launched? Useless if you can’t get your list to open and click on your emails. 

It’s not your fault… Many brands struggle with email, maximizing ROI, and scaling revenue.

If converting more buyers into repeat, loyal customers is your problem… 

…Then 3BM Email Marketing is your solution.

How 3BM Helped Sturgeon County Kennels Increase Monthly Email Revenue 211%

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How 3BM Helped Degs & Sal Add An Extra $44,530 Per Month in Email Revenue

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How 3BM Helped Deck Expressions Generate $35,321.99 on BF/CM from Their Cold List

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How 3BM Helped Conquest Maps Generate $27,291 Per Month From Their Welcome Series

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Email Marketing That Gets More Sales

Most email marketing advice is recycled, rehashed garble big agencies and email software companies push to prioritize their services and platforms. 

Instead of wasting your time getting ghosted and gaslit… 

What if you could send emails that actually affect your bottom line? Yes, emails that actually get sales without burning out your list or ruining your inbox reputation. 

I bring a fresh take to email you’ve probably never tried before, but will get you results beyond what any other agency has been able to do before.


Partner & Email Marketing Specialist at 3BM

I’m a blue-collar worker turned email marketing nerd.

Since 2014, I’ve helped hundreds of brands and businesses use digital ink to sell millions worth of services and products online. 

Now, I focus specifically on helping DTC ecommerce brands make more sales with email with my ARR Email Method.

I currently live in Windsor, CO, and I have a dog named Sylvie.


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The ABDs of Selling More With Email


Guide your customers from “website window shoppers” into “completed purchases” without annoying or pissing them off.


Segment, send, and sell with broadcast emails, transforming your email list into a community of raving fans.


Inbox more emails, more often. Get more offers in front of your list so they have more opportunity to buy from you.

What’s Included In Our Email Marketing Services?


Plan, Create, Build, & Launch your automated email revenue system.

Launches & Promos

Plan, create, schedule, and scale product launches or promotions.

Monthly Growth Reports

Measure, track, and grow your KPIs month over month


Use broadcast emails to transform your list into a community of raving fans.

List Growth

Convert website traffic into email subscribers w/ forms, automations, and more.

Monthly Strategy Calls

Plan your email strategy 90 days in advance. Formulate new plans. Take over the world.


Get your IP reputation right. Setup proper list health protocol. Inbox more emails.

List Health

Keep bots and tire kickers off your list, so you’re only selling to engaged, interested prospects.

Quarterly Planning

Never feel “rushed” with email again. Plan 90 days in advance. Know what you’re sending and when and to whom. 

Our Ideal Email Clients… 

  • Have Huge Lists
  • Have Great Products
  • Spend $$$ on Paid Media
  • Are Willing to Test and Implement New Ideas
  • Are Not JERKS
  • Want to Partner with an Email Pro

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