Build Your “Tribe” with Social Media Marketing for Ecommerce Brands

Leverage social so you can grow engagement, build a community, and create deeper emotional connections with your ideal customers…

Your Social Media Channels…
A Drag?

You post regularly, like and comment on other people’s posts, and spend hours trying to “figure out” the algorithm, but… it’s like a black box you’ll never be able to unlock. Frustrating, eh?

Big agencies and solo freelancers miss this one crucial step in social media marketing that you need to actually grow your social engagement and presence–and it’s not rocket science (we promise). When you miss this one step, it can feel like you’re floating in the ocean with no land or ship in sight. 

Many brands struggle to figure out how to engage, connect, and build relationships on social media.

If posting consistently, engaging your audience, and leveraging social media to amplify your brand is your problem…

…Then 3BM Social Media Marketing is your solution.

Engage. Connect. Influence.

Most agencies believe it’s about publishing 12 posts a day and staying “top of mind” 24/7/365. This is the Mad Men era of advertising that worked with billboards and magazine ads.

Instead of shouting into the void that is the internet…

What if you could publish social posts that actually got attention, engaged your ideal customer, and connected with them emotionally. So much so, that you were able to earn their trust and influence them to check out your brand?

I turn your social media channels into amplification hubs so you can get your brand in front of more people, engage their interests, and earn their trust–all so you can influence them to buy from your brand.


Social Media Manager at 3BM

As a member of the social media generation, I’ve grown up with MySpace, Facebook, Vine, Instagram, and a plethora of other platforms. Looking back, I sometimes question why my mother allowed me to be on Facebook when I see the cringe-worthy posts I used to make. However, in hindsight, I’m grateful she did because it led me to one of my biggest passions – helping businesses create engaging social media content that connects with their audience. Who knew that those awkward teenage posts would end up being the catalyst for my career in social media marketing?

Since 2015, I’ve had the pleasure of assisting countless brands and businesses in crafting a standout social media strategy amidst the endless sea of scrolling. My top priority when it comes to social media is to ensure that my clients’ brands reach the right audience and establish credibility in their niche.

One of my go-to strategies for social media success is Influencer Marketing! I’ve become quite the matchmaker, helping clients find their perfect partners and fostering those relationships. Think of me as the wingman for your brand’s love story with its influencers. Together, we’ll create a match made in marketing heaven!

I currently reside in Bowling Green, KY with my husband, who happens to be a graphic designer by trade. We’re proud parents of five crazy pets, but between you and me, our clothes are a walking advertisement for lint rollers! But hey, who needs a fur-free wardrobe when you have a squad of snuggly, four-legged friends to keep you warm? 

Don’t settle for boring content when we can turn up the heat and create something truly amazing. Let’s chat soon!


Social Media Marketing Process


Planning, Research & Maintenance


Reach & Engagement


A/B Testing Messaging, Creative & Audiences



What’s Included In Our
Social Media Marketing Services?

Content Calendar Creation

No surprises here with a full Content Calendar built out and updated to ensure we all remain on the same page!


Keep your social profiles buzzing and truly build a community through ongoing engagement with your customers!

Monthly Strategy Calls

These calls are all about what’s working, what’s not, what’s coming up, and collaboration! This is a chance for us to get together and come up with a game plan!

Audience Research

You may know your core audience already, but some expanded audiences, or interests your audience has, may surprise you!

Social Boosting Strategy

Did you know that without a boosting strategy, your posts are getting full visibility, even to your current followers? I help you reach & engage with a larger audience!

Coordinate with the Marketing Team

Social Media is just one part of being successful. We see the best results when the 3BM Team gets together and covers all the bases for your online marketing!

Page Maintenance

Optimization and ongoing updating of your social profiles ensures you’re always looking your best!

Weekly & Monthly Reports

You’ll never be in the dark and always know exactly where you stand across your social platforms.

Influencer Marketing (Add-On)

I’m a matchmaker, helping clients find their perfect influencer partners! Think of me as the wingman for your brand’s love story. Let’s create a match made in marketing heaven!

Our Ideal Social Media Marketing Clients… 

  • Sell Great Products
  • Want to Scale
  • Spend at Least $10k/month on Ads
  • Have a High AOV
  • Are Not JERKS
  • Want to Partner with a Social Media Pro

Build Your “Tribe” with
Social Media Marketing for Ecommerce Brands