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How should I prepare for the call?

This is a discovery call. We’ll spend the time learning about two things: 1). Your brand, and 2). The issue that prompted the call.

Why don’t you share pricing on your website?

Marketing is a custom process. Yes, the channels that we use to help brands grow don’t change, but how we use those channels differs enough to need custom attention. 

Your products, brand, audience, positioning, and more all come together in a unique way to get you results. 

We’ve found that it’s a much better experience for our clients if we talk first and provide pricing based on what they actually need.

Do you have starting price points for your services?

We do not sell commodity marketing services. We’re a boutique marketing agency on purpose. We’re not “scaling to the moon” and creating another big agency experience for our clients. We’re staying small on purpose. What we do gets results. We charge accordingly. 

That being said, our services start at:

  • Paid Ads – $5,000
  • Email Marketing – $5,000
  • Social Media Management – $1,300
  • SMS Marketing – $500
  • Content & SEO – $5,000

Based on our conversation with you, the pricing most likely will be higher to get you the results you want.

When do I get a proposal?

It’s going to depend on the discovery call. In most cases, we’ll need a second call to get into the nitty gritty of your brand, your goals, and how we can help achieve those. We have to see inside your brand to get an accurate idea for what you actually need. 

If we can provide a proposal on the discovery call, we will. Otherwise, a proposal usually happens at the end of or after the second call.