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Sometimes you are busy and can’t leave the house…

Sometimes it is too hard to pack up the kids into the car (& who wants to bring them to buy alcohol anyway)…

Maybe you have already had a couple and want more but know that you should not drive…

Enter the alcohol delivery app…

Drizly makes it easy to order your favorite drinks and have them delivered to your doorstep in as little as an hour.


According to their About Us page, “Drizly started as a simple text from one friend to another: “Why can’t you get alcohol delivered?” When we realized that alcohol delivery was, in fact, legal, we set out with a little bit of luck and a lotta bit of determination to build a three-tier compliant technology company that would change the way we shop for beer, wine, and spirits.”

Since they launched, I’ve been seeing their paid ads on social media…

They caught my eye, enticed me to join, and they still catch my attention and provide entertainment.

So, what makes Drizly’s marketing strategy so effective?

Rules: The Paid Social Savants

Each week, we brave the infinite attack on our senses to find highly-effective e-commerce sales ads… and we pull back the curtain to reveal what made them work. 

Our goal with this weekly is to tap into our Social Savants to teach you strategies and tactics you can utilize in your paid ads for your own brand.  

Where do we find these scroll-stopping ads? Our own social media feeds, of course. Being in marketing, when an ad makes us pause, we take note. We also take suggestions from readers with striking ads they’d like to share. 

Did you see an ad recently that made you smile, take a second look, or literally laugh out loud? We want to see it. 

Send an email with screenshots of the ad(s) to us at (Nicole at threebeaconmarketing dot com) with a brief note about what you liked about it. If we choose to break it down, we’ll give you a shoutout and link back to your site. 

Oh, and don’t forward us the ads you wrote. That’s the only rule.

Let’s dive in..

The Hook: Made You Stop Scrolling…

The Hook: Convenience is Key

Drizly’s hook is simple but effective: “Save the trip to the liquor store and get beer, wine, and spirits delivered quickly.” The hook speaks to the convenience of getting your favorite drinks delivered right to your door without leaving your home.

Simple & Effective..what they do, how they do it, and how quickly they do it. 

The Headline: Quick & Simple

The Headline: Straightforward and to the Point

Drizly’s headline is straightforward and to the point: “Order Drizly Alcohol Delivery.” The headline conveys the simplicity of the service and how easy it is to use.

Ad Copy: Learn a Little More

Text Copy: Providing Value and Trust

Drizly’s ad copy provides value by highlighting its fast delivery time, a wide selection of products, and the trust it has built with its customers. 

In this ad, they kept the copy a simple overlay of a testimonial offering social proof of how easy, convenient, and quick it is to get what you are looking for delivered, especially on those days when you don’t want to leave the house. 

Image: Native Looking Or Bold & Flashy?

Image: Native and Engaging

Drizly’s imagery is both native and engaging. The ads feature product photography as a background to the review. The highlight of this one is really the review, not the imagery; however,  it is still scroll-stopping with the red popping behind the bottles.  

The Call-To-Action: Make it Easy

Call-to-Action: Simple and Effective

Drizly’s call-to-action is simple and effective: “Shop now.” 

The call-to-action is clear and makes it easy for users to take the next step and place an order.

Bringing It All Together

Drizly’s marketing strategy is effective because it focuses on the convenience of its service, provides value to its customers, and uses engaging and relatable imagery. The straightforward and simple messaging also makes it easy for users to understand what Drizly is all about and how to use the service. If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to get your favorite drinks delivered, give Drizly a try.

And here we come to a close.

Drizly keeps the messaging pretty simple and to the point…

Because the messaging speaks to a very quick and easy solution to a need, and when the need is already known, the person is ready to move when a simple solution is put in front of them. 

What You Learned

Here’s the tl;dr of what you learned today: 

  • Creativity is good, but simple messaging is clear and concise.
  • Play on the time savings, energy savings, and what else you would rather be doing than running to the liquor store. 
  • If you can make the customer stop the scroll, you win.
  • If you can make the customer become an unknowing brand ambassador, you are the champion (think of the one that saves the event when the drinks run out and no one wants to leave to get more).
  • Just think about a problem/solution/action all in one ad. 

Now what?

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