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Ever feel like preparing healthy meals involves way too much planning? 
Oh, not to mention buying the fruits and vegetables at just the right time for each meal so they are fresh and so that you don’t have a rotting veggie drawer. 
That’s a lot of time and money (and brainpower) that could be used elsewhere!  
Enter the healthy meal delivery option Daily Harvest. 
It is a subscription-based food delivery service that offers a variety of healthy, pre-prepared foods. 
Daily Harvest’s offerings include smoothies, harvest bowls, soups, lattes, oat bowls, and chia bowls. All of the ingredients used in these meals are plant-based and free of refined sugars, preservatives, and artificial ingredients. The company prides itself on sourcing the best quality ingredients, with a focus on organic and non-GMO produce.
The meals are designed to be easy to prepare, usually requiring nothing more than a blender or a pot on the stove. They are delivered frozen, in individual servings, and can be stored in the freezer until ready to eat.
Simple. Easy. Healthy. But what about their marketing?
Daily Harvest

According to their website, Daily Harvest was started by a busy mom looking for a solution to healthy meal-prep. Founder Rachel Drori said, “A few years back, I regularly found myself grabbing a handful of whatever snack I could find and calling it lunch. I didn’t have the time to cook for myself. I was sacrificing nourishing food for convenient food. Sound familiar?
It was a symptom of the problem we all feel: we know what we should be eating to take care of ourselves, but somehow we can’t or we don’t—the world puts up more roadblocks than roads. I wanted to do something to change it—that’s why I started Daily Harvest.
Everything we make is built on sustainably-sourced fruits and vegetables and crafted into delicious food that is actually good for you. We’re frozen for a reason—because our method means more nutrients, better flavor, and food that keeps up with the pace of your life. And—when you’re juggling way more than you think you can, or you’re taking the night off—our food is delivered to you and ready in minutes.
I’m glad you’re here. This is the start of something good.”
So, how did they get the word out?

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Let’s dive in..

The Hook: An emotional appeal…

The Hook: A play on the emotions around receiving the product…
It is the Prime era where instant gratification is the standard and everyone can relate to the excitement of a new package. Daily Harvest uses this in their hook to evoke that emotion, a present at the door! 

The Headline: Addressing the last possible pain point.

The Headline: The last barrier to cross…price. 
Daily Harvest’s headline addresses the last possible concern for the potential customer that wasn’t addressed in the hook…cost. At this point, you are interested but you might be wondering, if the product is that great it must be expensive. Just as you are about to scroll on you see a fiirst time customer coupon to push you over the line of doubt into “I guess I’ll try it.”

Ad Copy: A “Why Not” Approach

Text Copy: Addressing any possible objections to trying it out…
The hook pulls up excitement and curiosity and effectively relays “Here’s how it feels to get your delivery” but, what do you get from what’s in the box? Along with the excitement generated by the quote, they reinforce brand promises through an easy to digest list of even more reasons why you should choose Daily Harvest. Quality, social proof, commitment concerns, customer service concerts, and even ecological concerns are all addressed right in the hook. By the end of the copy it is hard to find a pain point that wasn’t addressed! 

Image: Native Looking Or Bold & Flashy?

Image: Informative and Visual The video Daily Harvest chose to use with this ad is perfect. It jumps right into the benefits of eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables which begs the viewer to think about their own consumption or, lack thereof. They emphasize the importance of this type of nutrition but also understand it isn’t easy to achieve…introducing their solution! A simple formula of why “it” is great for you, why you are not getting “it” now, and a quick and ready solution to start getting “it.”

The Call-To-Action: Make it Easy

Call-to-Action: Simple and EffectiveDaily Harvest’s call-to-action is simple and effective: “Shop now.” The call-to-action is clear and makes it easy for users to take the next step and place an order.

Bringing It All Together

Daily Harvest’s marketing strategy is effective because it focuses on the importance of eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, the pain points of doing so, and the  ease of using its meal-delivery service. They effectively counter any concerns or barriers that the potential customer might have in the hook and ad copy while letting the video go  into more detail about the “why” and the “how.” Short, to the point, and visually pleasing, this ad is a golden example of a pain point and solution presentation ad. 

What You Learned

Here’s the tl;dr of what you learned today: 

  • Throw out the emotional hook with the logical and immediate counter to any objections that may arise after the emotions pass. 
  • Play on the problem of how the customer is not getting what scientific studies say they should be getting then present them with a solution that is convenient.
  • This ad follows the steps of problem to solution to action with a price incentive thrown in to seal the deal. 
  • Now what?
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What’s Next?

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