Author: Chris Pearson, Partner & Email Marketing Specialist at 3BM

Picture this…

Your email list is a room full of potential fans. 

But right now, they’re just strangers, nodding politely as you shout the same message to everyone. 

Ready to turn that room into a community of engaged customers? 

Let’s dive in.

The Roadblocks

Let’s tackle the what will keep you from transforming your email list of strangers into super fans for your brand: 

Lack of Personalization: Whether it’s a newbie who just signed up or a loyal customer who’s been with you for years, treating everyone the same is like serving fast food at a gourmet dinner party—bound to disappoint.

Overwhelming Choices: With a plethora of email marketing platforms and features, paralysis by analysis is real. You either do nothing or try to do everything.

Fear of Annoying Subscribers: Holding back because you’re worried about bombarding your list means missed opportunities to connect and sell.

Inconsistent Messaging: Jumping from discount bonanzas to brand storytelling confuses your subscribers, and a confused mind doesn’t click ‘Buy Now.’

Poor Timing: Bad timing can bury your emails in the inbox, making them a lost cause.

Ignoring Analytics: Without metrics like open rates and conversion rates, you’re sailing blind.

Let’s Talk Segmentation

Alright, we’ve identified the roadblocks. 

Now let’s navigate around them

Tackling Lack of Personalization: Start by segmenting new subscribers, frequent buyers, and dormant accounts. Tailor your messages to specific behaviors and preferences to boost engagement and conversions.

Overcoming Overwhelming Choices: Pick a user-friendly email marketing platform that scales with your needs, like Klaviyo for ecommerce brands. Focus on essential features first, then explore advanced options as you grow.

Conquering the Fear of Annoying Subscribers: Adopt a value-first approach. Whether it’s a tip, a discount, or even just a good laugh, providing consistent value makes your emails welcome, not annoying.

Eliminating Inconsistent Messaging: Plan your email content in advance with a 90-day content calendar. Consistency builds trust, the cornerstone of conversion.

Adding the Personal Touch: Use personalization tokens and product recommendations based on past behavior. Make your subscribers feel seen and valued.

Getting the Timing Right: Build a relationship with each subscriber so they actively look for your emails. Consistency and value will make timing less critical. Once they know, like, and trust you, your timing doesn’t matter all that much. 

Making Friends with Analytics: Regularly review key metrics and make data-driven adjustments. Your metrics are unique to your list; don’t compare them to other brands.

How to Segment Like a Pro

Trust me, this is where the magic happens. 

Segment your list based on product categories, past purchases, site activity, and even geography. 

Go beyond the obvious and think complementary, not just identical.

Ask yourself what these groups of people would want/need to read in order to make a decision. 

Then send them that in an email. 

Better Engagement, Happier You

Expect your open rates to soar as your emails go from overlooked to unmissable. 

Improved click-through rates indicate your content is resonating, leading to more conversions. 

And those pesky unsubscribe rates? 

They’ll plummet as you become a valued source of information. 

But the real prize? 

A noticeable bump in sales and a community of loyal customers.

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